Thursday, February 2, 2012

Oh, how the time flies.

I'm sorry I've been a blog slacker!! Lets recap the last month for you!

- We got our save the dates!! AND I LOVE THEM!!!! My friend Kari custom designed them for us and they came out FABULOUS!! They came in bundles which were wrapped with twine and I of course decided that I LOVED the way it looked and needed to hand tie 100 save the dates with a twine bow. I also designed some little tags which had our website and the address for THIS BLOG so everyone can stay up to date. I then enlisted the help of some of my wonderful bridesmaids and we got to work!

The mess!
Michelle and Jessie are SO excited to tie twine bows!!

Heres the finished product!
Without the twine
Aren't they PERFECT!!!??! I love them!!

Well, my mom and dad bought me a wedding dress!! I am SO THANKFUL for their help with this! I wont go into much detail about my dress, all you need to know is that its BEAUTIFUL and I look GORGEOUS in it. I love it so much and can't wait to wear it!!!! Buying the dress was the big "OMG" moment for me. Im. Getting. MARRIED!! I had a little panic attack because it wasn't until THAT moment that things became "real" for me. I have a dress, now everything is real. Its a crazy feeling knowing that your life is going to completely change in just a few months. I don't want you to mistake this feeling for hesitation, because I have absolutely NO hesitation.... It's just overwhelming.... in like the best way.  I'm so overjoyed that I literally might burst from excitement. 

- Next step: Booking the honeymoon!! We're planning to do this in the next 3 weeks and I am stoked. This is what were both looking forward to most!! We just want to be married...and then go on an amazing trip together. The focus isnt on the WEDDING itself. Its about the MARRIAGE for us.

- Oh, I talked about the yarn balloons in a previous post. Here are some pictures. They came out great!!

Balloons wrapped in glue soaked yarn! Let them dry and....
Ta dah!!!!


- Did I ever show you the cards I made for our Flower girls and ring bearer??
Flowers and a bow tie...appropriate right?!
The kids loved them! And I thought they were soo cute that I pinned them on Pinterest :)

- As I'm sure you know, Richard and I are in a contest on Facebook with Valentina Glidden Photography to win an AMAZING engagement photo shoot!! THANK YOU to everyone who has voted, and I'm sorry for spamming your newsfeed  10 times a day campaigning for more votes!! WE REALLY WANT TO WIN!!!! We will find out tomorrow if we are the winners or not, so keep your fingers crossed!!!

Alright, I think thats enough for now!

The future Mrs. Carey

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