Saturday, February 25, 2012

Its time to get things goingg!!

Alright, we're almost at our 90 day mark (tomorrow!!), I think its time to stop being lazy and get things going. Ive got decorations to make, a back yard to clean up, and a vision to execute. LETS DO THIS!

My bridal shower is a month away! I cant believe it! Invites will be going out this week so ladies, watch your mailbox! WERE ALSO MOVING!!!!!! .....on the same day as my shower. lol. I get to have a party with all the women I love while Richard and all our male friends get to move us into our new apartment! I think this is COMPLETELY fair :)
We will be moving into an apartment in Glendora and I am SO SO SOOOOOOO excited. We have decided to postpone our big formal honeymoon so we can furnish and decorate our new place. We want to start this NEW chapter in our lives with all NEW things! We have already booked our "MiniMoon" for after the wedding and are very excited to have a nice relaxing long weekend as newlyweds.

Thats all of for now!

The future Mrs. Carey.

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