Friday, December 30, 2011

These are a few of my favorite things...

This weeks obsessions:

  • Balloons.
  • Colored wedding dresses.
  • Empty field with glowy lighting.
  • Dessert reception.
  • Yarn accents.
  • Wildflower bouquets.

I'm becoming obsessed with the idea of a colored dress. A very pale pink, blue, gray, or tea colored....why not?! The dress will definitely not be a bright white... I'm going for an ivory or...maybe color. Its festive and that's what were going for. And BALLOONS!!!! OH, THERE WILL BE BALLOONS!!!!! Balloons just scream happiness to me.

I feel so much less stressed now that we've decided to do a dessert only reception. I feel like most of the pressure is off and things can finally just fall into place. We are thinking we are definitely going to hold an INTIMATE dinner later on in the evening for family-- sorry if anyone feels left out here. We are doing our best to make sure everyone is included and happy, but ultimately our happiness is first priority.

It feels like the day is never going to be here and it's making me very anxious. I'm just so excitedddd to marry Richard that I want it to be NOW!! <3

However, I am not looking forward to being a blubbering idiot during the ceremony. I can't watch a wedding show or proposal video without bawling.... I don't know how I'm going to make it through the ceremony without completely losing it and having mascara all over my face. That will make for some awesome pictures.

Someone remember to bring me several hankies. Several.

The future Mrs. Carey.

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